Ethiopia Yirgacheffe-Gedeb Chelchele


This is a classic washed Ethiopia from the Chelchele coffee mill which is located in Gedeb a Woreda (district/city) close to Yirgacheffe, both are situated in the narrow band of the Gedeo Zone that is straddled by Sidama and Oromia.

This coffee is sourced from coffee producers associated with METAD Agricultural Development which is a third generation family-owned business with a rich history.

METAD has strengthened the local community with employment opportunities including a workforce that is over seventy percent women.

Coffees from Gedeb often exhibit a little more heft and bolder fruit flavors than the delicate, floral Yirgacheffe coffees. It is fully washed after de-pulping and fermenting, soaked overnight, then dried on raised beds in the sun.

In the cup, the coffee has notes of Honey, Orangeade, and Melon. The body and acidity are present in nice balance and has a nice aftertaste.

Whole bean, 100% Arabica

Roast level: Medium

Recommended brew method: Aeropress, pour over, auto-drip, French press. Can be brewed as single-origin espresso.