Malawi Peaberry Mapanga-Ngapani


Sable Farming Co Ltd was incorporated in 1988.

It is the largest producer and exporter of quality washed Arabica Coffees in Malawi.

Malawi stretches along the West Side of Lake Malawi in South-Eastern Africa and typically produces well-balanced coffees.

Sable employs over 1800 workers and over 70 subordinate staff at its estates in Mapanga, Chipale, and Ngapani. (Indirectly supporting over 10,000 people).

The beans are sun-dried on tables and also a solar-type drier is used. The water is recirculated for washing the beans in order to conserve water.

Sable Farming is a responsible employer. It is their policy to provide opportunities to learn, contribute and advance. Sable runs two Clinics for their workers. They provide a Health and Safety policy to protect all employees. All workers and their dependents are provided with free treatment and drugs. 

Sable Farming is a Rainforest Alliance Certified Company and its entire Coffee Crop is RFA CERTIFIED.

Cup Characteristics: Berries, milk chocolate, flora and spice finish

Whole Bean, 100% Arabica

Roast level: Medium to light dark

Recommended brew method: Aeropress, pour-over, auto-drip, french press. It can be brewed as a single-origin espresso.