Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Aricha


This outstanding coffee comes from the Kebel Aricha coffee mill owned by Surafel Birhanu. Between 650 and 700 small coffee farms produce this coffee in the Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe district, approximately 4 kilometers west of the town of Yirgacheffe. The Gedeo Zone is named after the Gedeo people who are indigenous to this area. These small coffee farmers deliver ripe cherries to Kebel Aricha mill where the cherries are sorted and then placed on raised drying beds in thin layers. The cherries are turned every 2 to 3 hours in the first few days to promote even drying of the cherries. Four to six weeks later the beans are de-hulled and transported in parchment to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to be milled and bagged prior to export.

In the cup, the coffee has a classic natural-processed Yirgacheffe character: plum, blackberry, grape, chocolates, nice balance and body, and beautiful subtle floral aromas.

Whole bean: 100% Arabica

Roast level: Medium

Recommended brew method: Aeropress, pour over, auto-drip, French press. Can be brewed as single-origin espresso.