Our Philosophy


Our goals are simple. First, we aim to find the best quality coffees available, and to roast them well. Second, we enthusiastically support the families and individuals who farm and process the coffees, as well as their communities. Finally, we will promote, through our purchasing, the thoughtful, careful and sustainable treatment of the land and its resources. Sometimes that will be through buying certified coffees; other times it will mean buying from farmers who cannot afford certification (often thousands of dollars annually) but who still farm sustainably, ethically and responsibly.

Ethical practices inevitably result in better coffee. Healthy, educated families make better-equipped farmers, in many ways. Well-paid farmers and workers create a stronger local economy. Healthy ecosystems produce healthier coffee trees.  And healthy coffee trees produce really good coffee. You won't always see a special seal on the bag, but you can be assured that every bean we sell is grown using responsible, sustainable practices.

The bottom line is not our bottom line; it is the lives of the people whose coffee you drink when you buy from us. They are always paid fairtrade prices, and in many cases even more. Read the descriptions of the coffees and often you will see where the money goes and who it benefits: schools, medical care for workers and their families, better milling equipment, reforestation projects, clean water systems, better housing for farm families and employees.

Look at the people above. Think of them when you have a cup of our coffee. When you purchase our coffee, you've helped light up those faces, one cup at a time. Their lives, and their communities, are better for it. It's exciting to be a part of that chain of events. Thank you for supporting us, and thank you for supporting them.